Since 2001, Arts @ Large has engaged Milwaukee's students, their families and the community in arts-rich experiential learning.  Arts @ Large is committed to providing equitable access to educational experiences that include the arts.

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Our Mission

Arts @ Large activates Milwaukee’s communities to build environments that support arts-rich, lifelong learning.


Our Vision for Milwaukee

All K-12 Milwaukee students have equal access to an education that includes the arts. Milwaukee’s students, their families, and residents thrive in communities active with the arts.

Our Vision of Success

Milwaukee's schools and communities actively participate in A@L programs that use the arts as a dynamic tool to engage all ages in experiential learning.  More Milwaukee teachers and artist educators are competent and confident to teach in and through the arts, promoting equal access for all ages to educational opportunities that include the arts.

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Arts @ Large Board of Directors                  

Dawn Lindsey, Board Chair                                   Johnson Controls                                                Leila Sahar, Board Vice Chair                                  Kravit, Hovel & Krawczyk, S.C.                        Thomas Roepsch, Treasurer                                   Thomas F. Roepsch, CPA                                   Julia Smith, Secretary                                              Northwestern Mutual                                          Bridget Hartney                                                      Retired Milwaukee Public Schools                  Manual Lara, Jr.                                                        Progressive Community Health Care              Mark Sain                                                                  Retired Milwaukee Fire Department  

 A@L Community Center Board of Directors


Rudy Gutierrez, Board Chair
  US Bank
Shannon Huot, Board Vice Chair
  Educators Credit Union
Lauren Triebenbach, Secretary
  Michael Best & Friedrich LLP
Adam Arndt
  Catalyst Construction
Ruth Maegli
  Retired Milwaukee Public Schools
Lori Gensch
  Metropolitan Real Estate
Courtney Hess
  Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown LLP
Mary Bridges

  Retired Marketing & Media Consultant


Teri Sullivan, Co-Founder & CEO  teri@artsatlargeinc.org 

Sean Kiebzak, Chief Operating Officer  sean@artsatlargeinc.org

Kylee Spillane, Director of Operations  kylee@artsatlargeinc.org

Elodie Ontala, Program Manager  elodie@artsatlargeinc.org

Caren Cazares Program Associate  caren@artsatlargeinc.org

Constance Clark, Program Development Specialist  constance@artsatlargeinc.org

Laura Yale, Instructional Coach  laura@artsatlargeinc.org

Jane Borden, Instructional Coach  jane@artsatlargeinc.org