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Relations 2021

Relations 2021 is Artist Marina Lee’s collective journey of change.

“Our People, Our Natural Environment, and Our Governance are Connected. I choose to explore these connections to inspire and influence humans by respecting the truth of connection between earth and humans. This series begins with the intimacy and interdependence of our family connections. It has become a series inspired by the heartwarming honesty of children, the relationships amongst family and the study of the Book of Changes to help guide my understanding of these truths shared by humans. Even with disconnection, our families are interconnected. May we share, heal, and grow together.”

-Marina Lee


A@L Community Center 1100 S 5th St, Milwaukee

10am & 11:15am Visit the Arts @ Large Community Center to learn the art of Cupcake Decorating with Culinary Artist Letasha Smith. Family Friendly FREE