Ethiopian Man Named Kaldi

Being that February is Black History Month and we would like to take this moment to acknowledge the importance of the Black community in creating and making coffee everything that it is.

According to legend, an Ethiopian man named Kaldi was herding his goats when he noticed that after eating the berries of a certain tree they would become much more energetic. So energetic they would refuse to sleep at night. He took this information back to his village and there the abbot made a drink of these berries. He found the drink allowed him to stay up for long nights of prayers. This new drink became popular among the clergy and quickly spread. While this story might not be accurate we do know that our beloved beverage originated in Ethiopia and is the ingenuity of the native people of that land is one we will always be thankful for!

Today Ethiopia still accounts for 3% of the world's coffee production. This includes small farms such as that owned by two-time gold medal runner Haile Gebrselassie. Gebreselassie has set 27 world records in his running and is considered one of the greatest runners in history. In his retirement, Gebreselassie has invested in social and economic development in Ethiopia, from organizing the race Girls Run, which focuses on empowering girls through sports. He has also invested in his coffee farm which is both Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

We will be serving coffee from Gebreselassie’s farm for the rest of the month! We encourage you to come on in, try it and show your support for small coffee farmers!

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