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The Arts @ Large program model is multi-faceted, designed using the Kennedy Center methodology.

Participating schools receive comprehensive services that include professional development for teachers, art, music and multimedia supplies to implement innovative student-driven projects, artist residencies, and research excursions to a multitude of museums, organizations and higher education institutions.


Based on the needs of each school, we tailor programming to engage teachers and students.

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FREE Book Lending Library

Arts @ Large has a diverse collection of books for you to check out and enjoy.  You can view our collection at the A@L Community Center.  Check out up to five books at a time and enjoy for up to one month. 

We Expose:  The Arts Exposure program uses the Arts as Curriculum approach to guide students through creating and analyzing works created in a variety of media. Artist educators work with students to learn the content, process and techniques in a variety of art forms.

We Explore:  The Exploratory program uses the Arts Enhanced Curriculum approach as a strategy to support other curricular areas. Arts @ Large Instructional Coaches work one-on-one with teachers to develop strategies to transform a lesson or a unit into an engaging experience, using the arts as a vehicle to achieve core standards.

We Immerse:  The Immersion program uses the Arts Integrated Curriculum approach to meet dual learning objectives.  Students engage in the creative process to explore connections between an art form and another subject area, to gain greater understanding in both.