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Each year, Arts @ Large provides hundreds of opportunities for artists across multiple disciplines to engage with schools and the community.

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They [Arts @ Large] may not know this, but they have been a huge source of moral support that has impacted my life. They’ve given me a lot of positive feedback over the years about my different programs that has helped my confidence in my creativity.
Tia Richardson, Visual Artist

Artist Opportunities

Each year, Arts @ Large provides hundreds of opportunities for artists across multiple disciplines to engage with schools and the community. 

  • In-school Residencies
  • Gallery Exhibitions 
  • Professional Development 
  • Public Art Installations 
  • Performances 


Opportunities Coming Soon 

Maturing Artist Program

The Arts at Large Maturing Artists Program is designed to build a network of mature, active artists who nurture, celebrate, and advocate for the growth of all art forms and artists. We provide mentoring opportunities for long-engaged artists to assist emerging artists in developing the means to grow as artists and sustain themselves through their art.

We create networks that assist older artists to continue making art, deal with life changes that come with age, and provide opportunities for communities to support the artists who have invested themselves into the community for so long. We create programming that engages, entertains, and supports the growth of people of all ages, and sustains support for artists in our community.

Professional Development

Each year, Arts @ Large offers a number of Professional Development opportunities to build the skills and confidence of artist educators in the community.

Professional development offerings have covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Classroom Management
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Building Success as an Independent Artist
  • Fine Arts Masterclasses
  • Creative Tips for the Zoom Classroom
  • Leading a Dementia Friendly Arts Workshop Teaching


Opportunities Coming Soon 

resources & forms

Become an Arts @ Large Educator

Interested in becoming an Arts @ Large Artist Educator?

Artist-in- residency forms

Complete these forms ONLY if you have discussed and confirmed a residency opportunity with an Arts @ Large staff member.

Artist Proposal Form
Artist Work Plan
Artist/Teach meeting guide
Artist Post Residency Survey
National Art Standards for IC

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Through Arts @ Large programs, my students become experts on our local environment and will be able to share their expertise with adults and other community members.
Kristen Steinbach, Educator