Our Impact

Arts @ Large activates Milwaukee’s communities to build environments that support arts-rich, lifelong learning.
We believe in Arts for all
We strive to treat everyone with dignity

We believe in beautiful work

We value life-long learning

We operate with grit

We are playful, but not childish

We go beyond expectations

We act with intention and humility

We are good stewards of our relationships and resources



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Our Cornerstones

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Arts @ Large, our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to the arts. 

We are inclusive. We believe that diversity leads to better problem solving. We are committed to individualizing experiences that meet the needs of each of our stakeholders. Through intentional conversations, active listening and hard work, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels empowered to share their voice and unique perspectives for the betterment of our community. 

A student receives on-the-job training as part of a career development program

Arts & career development

Arts @ Large engages Milwaukee’s high school students in a rigorous career development program that introduces them to “real life” work experience. Our team collaborates with multiple community partners, teachers, artists and industry professionals to provide opportunities for students to experience the full scope of designing a path to a successful career.

Students work together at the eco-arts learning center

Arts & Ecoliteracy

Arts @ Large programs unite the arts and environmental education to promote ecoliteracy by engaging students and their families in creative community development projects that encourage environmental stewardship. With the support of multiple partners, Arts @ Large transformed a .52-acre city-owned neighborhood park into an outdoor eco-arts learning center called Paliafito Eco-Arts Park. The primary goal of the eco-arts learning center is to engage students, families, educators, neighborhood residents, and the broader community in hands-on, project-based environmental and arts learning. Primary features of the park include a 7,000-gallon stormwater cistern, native plantings, an urban agricultural feature, and a performing arts stage. Arts @ Large presents a free concert series “Music Under the Stars”, festivals, art making workshops, and environmental education programs that build neighborhood connections in an outdoor environment.

“Through Arts @ Large programs, my students become experts on our local environment and will be able to share their expertise with adults and other community members.” ~ Kristen Steinbach, Educator

A student enjoying an art workshop

Arts & Social Emotional Learning

The arts can be an incredible vehicle to model best practices in Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is the process of developing fundamental skills for life success within supportive, participatory learning environments. These skills include recognizing and managing emotions, setting and achieving goals, demonstrating empathy for others, establishing and maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions. Through in-depth conversations with community partners, we learned that at any given time, there are approximately 7,000 children in foster care in Wisconsin. All of these children deserve safety and love amidst their family unit. We know that foster care children often feel isolated, lonely, insecure, anxious and worried. That is why Arts @ Large formed a dynamic partnership with the Black Box Fund, resulting in the distribution of “My Art Bags”, filled with literature, dozens of activities and all the supplies needed to promote social emotional wellness for students living in foster care. Mindfulness, creativity, literacy – Arts @ Large uses the arts to build a healthy community.

“There is compelling evidence demonstrating that academic, social and emotional learning are inextricably linked, and emotions and relationships affect how and what we learn.” ~ American Institutes for Research.

Arts @ Large program presentation on Milwaukee's Civil Rights history held at Milwaukee City Hall

Arts & Civil Rights

Arts @ Large programs challenge students to see themselves as an integral part of our great community and be active participants in making Milwaukee the best place to play, learn, work and live. There is a potency to the story of Milwaukee’s Civil Rights history. It is a story that is often forgotten, and rarely used to teach and inspire our young people in the community. To counteract the amnesia of our past, Arts @ Large uses the storyline of the NAACP Youth Council and the Commando’s from the 1967 Open Housing Movement to encourage teachers, artists and students to focus on meaningful topics that transcend traditional education. The stories that make up Milwaukee’s history in the civil rights movement resonate with today’s youth and serve as a catalyst for students to join to build a better Milwaukee.

“Through this project, history came alive for my third graders. We learned the story of Milwaukee’s fair housing movement, and prepared artwork for A@L’s Gallery Night and Day exhibit. We attended community events and my students were able to shake hands with former NAACP commandos and hug Ms. Margaret Rozga, civil rights activist. It was amazing to experience this history with them. I am forever grateful. This has been the single most meaningful project I have taught in 21 years.” ~ Edith Dennison, Teacher at Anna F. Doerfler School

Meet the team

Arts @ Large Staff
Photo of Sean Kiebzak

Sean Kiebzak (he/him)



Photo of Terri Sullivan

Teri Sullivan (she/her)

Co-Founder & CEO Emeritus


Kim Abler (she/her)


Photo of Symphony Swan-Zwadi

Symphony Swan-Zawadi (she/her)

Director of Programs


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Cedar Becher (they/them)

Administrative Assistant


Jeff Zimpel (he/him)

Instructional Designer


Photo of Caren Cazares

Caren Cazares (she/her)

Program Associate


Photo of Mark Soriano

Mark Soriano (he/him)

Program Associate


Constance Clark (she/her)

Program Development Specialist


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Ahtziri Joachin (she/her)

Cafe Team Lead


Rylee Krumrei (she/her)

Cafe Barista


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Jack Michaelis (he/him)

Cafe Barista


Arts @ Large Board Members
Photo of Leila Sahar

Leila Sahar

Kravit, Hovel & Krawczyk, S.C.

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Mark Sain

Vice Chair, Retired, MKE Firefighter, Former MPS Board of Directors Chair

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Thomas Roepsch

Treasurer & CPA

Photo of Lauren Triebenbach

Lauren Triebenbach


Photo of Adam Arndt

Adam Arndt

Catalyst Construction

Photo of Ursula Flores

Ursula Flores

Milwaukee Center for Independence

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Lori Gensch

Metropolitan Real Estate Consultants

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Rudy Gutierrez

US Bank

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Shannon Huot

Educators Credit Union

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Steve Jagler

Steve Jagler Executive Branding

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Gwen Johnson

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District

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Manuel Lara, Jr.

Progressive Community Health Centers

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Ruth Maegli

Retired Milwaukee Public Schools

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Julia Smith

Northwestern Mutual

Photo of Corina Torres

Corina Torres

Gimbel, Reilly, Guerin & Brown, LLP



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