Arts @ Large began as, and still is, devoted to equity in education.  We believe every student deserves an education that includes the arts.  That is why we approach our work with children and youth through multiple channels – in school, after school, with partner organizations and at our hub, the A@L Community Center.  We provide opportunities for K-12 students to work side-by-side with local artists in their schools and in after school and Saturday programs throughout the City and at our Community Center.  Our Career Development program provides youth opportunities to build skills in art and design related work that prepares them for the future, and we give youth the resources to create their own exhibitions and performances.

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Working as an intern at Arts @ Large has been an amazing experience. Being here has opened my eyes to the way art can help a person in their struggles.
Anessia Johnson, Career Development Intern

Career Development

Are you an MPS high school student or 2023 MPS graduate? The Arts @ Large Career Development Program is seeking its first cohort for The Legacy Fellowship, which provides the time and space to 20 young artists to develop their own practice, drawing inspiration from past Arts @ Large projects.

Fellows will have the opportunity to interact with our 20+ years of archived artwork through visual art, graphic design, photography, and music in order to design the installation of our Legacy Library. In addition to collaborating with other participants in the cohort, fellows will also work alongside an Artist Mentor and have the opportunity to interact directly with our Artist-in-Residence, to develop their own art practice.

Each Legacy Fellow will earn $11.65/hr. The commitment will start October 24, 2023, and run every Tuesday from 4pm – 6pm, through April 30, 2024. Apply for The Legacy Fellowship.

Summer Camp

Arts @ Large offers a summer camp rich with art-making and exploration of creativity, while promoting skill-building in teamwork with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion.  Our summer camp themes align with our Artist-in-Residence Cornerstone (Technology and Innovation, Eco-Literacy, Peacemaking or Civil Rights).  Summer Camp is FREE for students entering 3rd – 8th grades. 

Sacred Garden

Sacred Garden is a youth-focused open mic, created by and for Milwaukee’s young people.  This unique format amplifies the voices of youth artists who use the Arts @ Large Gallery stage to share stories, music and more. While adults are welcome to enter the space, youth are at the center and always heard first. The creators and coordinators of Sacred Garden work to create a space where youth can be authentically themselves, and they do not condone racism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other hate speech on the stage. 

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Through Arts @ Large programs, my students become experts on our local environment and will be able to share their expertise with adults and other community members.
Kristen Steinbach, Educator