Since 2001, Arts @ Large has engaged Milwaukee's students, their families and the community in arts-rich experiential learning.  Arts @ Large is committed to providing equitable access to educational experiences that include the arts.

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Our Mission

Arts @ Large activates Milwaukee’s communities to build environments that support arts-rich, lifelong learning.


Our Core Values

We believe in ARTS 4 ALL
We value Life-Long Learning
We act with Intention & Humility
We are Good Stewards of our relationships and resources
We strive to treat everyone with Dignity
We operate with Grit
We believe in Beautiful Work
We are Playful But Not Childish
We go Beyond expectations

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


Arts @ Large is committed to providing programming that is equitable and inclusive and reaches a diverse audience.  Our DEI Advisory Council, comprised of board members and staff, analyzes programs, professional development and staffing using a DEI matrix.  We determine what successes, or opportunities exist for improvement for each program.  Then we use the ADKAR elements for change management to guide our process improvements: Awareness of the need for change, Desire to support and participate in change, Knowledge of how to change, Ability to implement required skills and behaviors, Reinforcement to sustain change.


For more information about the Arts @ Large Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy, email us at info@artsatlargeinc.org.


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Arts @ Large makes in our community.

Our Cornerstones

Student planting at Paliafito Eco-Arts P

Arts and Eco-Literacy

Arts @ Large Eco-Literacy initiatives engage students, families, educators and the broader community in hands-on, arts-integrated, environmental learning. Key projects are the development of Paliafito Eco-Arts Park and the participation in the Green Schools Consortium of Milwaukee.

Arts and Civil Rights

Our Civil Rights Initiatives provide a foundation of historical perspective, whereby students are empowered to mobilize change in their communities. By learning to recognize how history shaped the way our city looks, students begin to envision, explore and create a city that celebrates diversity and equality.

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Arts and Peacemaking

Our premiere Peacemaking initiative is the Fabric of Milwaukee program, designed to build the confidence of Milwaukee's immigrant and refugee students. We use the arts as a tool for students to share their stories, strengthen connections, and embrace a new culture without sacrificing their own.

Arts and Career Development

The Arts @ Large Career Development Initiative engages students at the High School level in dynamic workshops, career exploration activities and hands-on learning. Our programs include Student Foreman - student internships in the Tech and Trades, and our Café and Culinary Arts Leadership Program, building skills and business acumen in the culinary arts industry.