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Program Model


The Arts @ Large program model is multi-faceted, designed using the Kennedy Center methodology.


Participating schools receive comprehensive services that include professional development for teachers, art, music and multimedia supplies to implement innovative student-driven projects, artist residencies, and research excursions to a multitude of museums, organizations and higher education institutions.

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The Arts Exposure program uses the Arts as Curriculum approach to guide students through creating and analyzing works created in a variety of media. Artist educators work with students to learn the content, process and techniques in a variety of art forms.

The Immersion program uses the Arts Integrated Curriculum approach to meet dual learning objectives.  Students engage in the creative process to explore connections between an art form and another subject area, to gain greater understanding in both.

The Exploratory program uses the Arts Enhanced Curriculum approach as a strategy to support other curricular areas. Arts @ Large Instructional Coaches work one-on-one with teachers to develop strategies to transform a lesson or a unit into an engaging experience, using the arts as a vehicle to achieve core standards.

When teachers master the Immersion strategy of arts integration curriculum design, and across all grade levels the arts are used regularly as a tool to meet dual learning objectives in both arts and academic learning, schools have reached Arts Integration Model School status.  These environments become the models for other schools to aspire to and Arts @ Large provides the resources every step of the way. 

Cornerstone Initiatives


Arts @ Large activates platforms for innovative change to further our effort as a city to create safe communities and cultivate wellness. Through four organizational cornerstones, Arts @ Large implements projects that serve as a catalyst for positive change in our community.

Arts @ Large Eco-Literacy initiatives engage students, families, educators and the broader community in hands-on, project-based, environmental learning. Key projects are the development of Paliafito Eco-Arts Park and the participation in the Green Schools Consortium of Milwaukee. 

Our Peacemaking initiatives arose from the needs of Milwaukee’s growing immigrant and refugee students. Through our Fabric of Milwaukee program, students and families, making their new home in our city, learn to build confidence, strengthen connections and embrace a new culture without sacrificing their own.

Our Civil Rights Initiatives provide a foundation of historical perspective, whereby students are empowered to mobilize change in their communities. By learning to recognize how history shaped the way our city looks, students begin to envision, explore and create a city that celebrates diversity and equality.

The Arts @ Large Career Development Initiative engages students at the High School level in dynamic workshops, career exploration activities and hands-on learning. Our programs include Student Foreman - student internships in the Tech and Trades, and our Café and Culinary Arts Leadership Program, building skills and business acumen in the culinary arts industry.

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Artist Residencies

Arts @ Large contracts with more than 100 local artist educators annually. Our highly qualified team works with each school to identify themes and art media to best serve your students. Available art forms include performance, visual arts, multi-media, videography, photography, spoken word, music, mosaics, ceramics and more. Each residency comes with support from our experienced teacher and artist instructional coaches, to ensure learning targets are met and project completion is of the highest quality.

School Performances

School performances are a great way to celebrate culture through the arts. Arts @ Large works with multiple organizations to deliver in school performances in dance, music and theater.

Field Trips

The Arts @ Large Community Center, located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, is the perfect destination for school field trips. Field trip activities are uniquely created around current exhibitions that highlight social, civic, and environmental content.  Our curation and program experts will work with your team to design docent-led tours, art-making and guest speakers that are customized to engage your group with age-appropriate activities.

School Beautification

Arts @ Large works with a number of community muralists that specialize in school beautification projects directly engaging students and teaching staff in the process. Installations include painted murals, mosaics, sculpture and ceramics. Each installation focuses on thematic content selected by your school team, with the possibility of including student work as a lasting legacy in a permanent work of art.

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Maturing Artist Program

The Maturing Artist Program (MAP) mission is to build a network of mature, active artists who nurture, celebrate, and advocate for the growth of all art forms and artists.


MAP's vision focuses our efforts on:

  • Mentoring – creating processes by which long-engaged artists can assist emerging artists to develop the means to grow as artists and sustain themselves through their art.

  • Support for older artists – creating networks and providing advice that will assist older artists to continue making art, deal with life changes that come with age, and provide opportunities for communities to support the artists who have invested themselves into the community for so long.

  • Creating programming – develop programs in conjunction with all members of the arts community that will:

    • offer opportunities for participation as arts-makers, story-tellers, and audience members,

    • engage, entertain, and support the growth of people of all ages, and

    • sustain support for artists in the community.

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Help us to identify how we can better serve the needs of Milwaukee’s mature artists.

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