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Arts @ Large builds the confidence and competence of teachers to use the arts to engage students in dynamic educational activities.

  • Professional Development
  • Artist Residencies
  • School Beautification
  • School-Wide Performances
  • Field Trips
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“I saw another side to my students. The culture and environment greatly improved as we got closer to the end [of the residency]. Students were excited to show what they had learned. This resulted in teachers and families getting excited too.”
K-8 Teacher

Professional Development

Arts @ Large offers an engaging professional development program that reveals new, exciting ways to use the arts to motivate students. We use the arts integration instructional methodology outlined in the book, Learning on Display: Student-Created Museums that Build Understanding.

  • Teachers participate in monthly professional development sessions with fellow educators.
  • Teachers learn new arts integration techniques and strategies.
  • Instructional Coaches guide teachers as they practice these new techniques in their classroom.
  • Teachers and students celebrate accomplishments with a school museum exhibits to share with classmates, families & friends.

Artist Residencies

Arts @ Large has a team of more than 100 artist educators in the greater Milwaukee area ready to provide your school with an innovative arts experience. Visual, literary, digital arts, dance, theatre, or spoken word, A@L is ready to create an artist residency that builds on the strengths of your school community.

The A@L team brings years of experience as teachers, school administrators and artists. Our highly qualified team of professionals helps your team identify themes and art media that will fully engage your students in arts-integrated learning.

Each residency comes with support from our Instructional Coaches to ensure learning targets are met. Our coaches ensure teachers are engaged in the process, and projects are implemented with fidelity, meeting the high standards you expect.

School Beautification

Arts @ Large works with a variety of community artists who specialize in school beautification projects that engage students, teachers and the community.

School entryways, hallways, and cafeterias, are all blank canvases that can be transformed into colorful representations of your school’s mission and values.

Outdoor installations on the front of your building, or unique sculptures on green spaces, bring attention to the vibrancy of your school – inviting students, teachers and visitors to explore the hidden treasures of your learning environment.

Arts @ Large school beautification projects begin with the ideas of your students, and culminate in the hands-on creation of installations designed and created by your school community, under the guidance of expert artists.

Field Trips

The Arts @ Large Community Center, located in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, is the perfect destination for school field trips. Field trip activities are uniquely created around current exhibitions that highlight social, civic, and environmental content.  Our curation and program experts will work with your team to design docent-led tours, art-making and guest speakers that are customized to engage your group with age-appropriate activities.

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Through Arts @ Large programs, my students become experts on our local environment and will be able to share their expertise with adults and other community members.
Kristen Steinbach, Educator