Did you know all of our bakery items are made fresh in-house?

Each of our original recipes is crafted with a focus on flavor and quality fresh ingredients. The recipes are created and tested to reach a perfect balance of flavors. We invite you to come in and try all the scrumptious treats we have to offer. 

Our blueberry muffins are made with a hearty serving of fresh plump blueberries, ensuring each bite is filled with warm fruity goodness. Our banana chocolate chip muffins include a hint of espresso to bring out the warmth of the tropical flavors. For a more sophisticated pallet try the ginger cardamom scone, with a calming sweet balance, each one lovingly shaped into hearts. If you are looking for a more savory snack try our cheese pepper scone. It has just a hint of spice and a sprinkling of melted cheese on top. Finally, we have our ultra chocolate treat, the chocolate chocolate chip brownie muffin. It's made with rich Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. Perfect for chocolate lovers of all ages. 

This month we added a delicious honey peach pie to the menu. We start by making a buttery soft pie crust, then we roll out and cut each piece, and add our Arts @ Large signature to each pie. The pies are then stuffed with delicious fresh fruit filling. We seal each piece by hand before giving it a light egg wash and a sprinkle of sugar. The end results are a warm naturally sweet treat perfect for helping you relax and find a moment of zen amongst the daily chaos.  

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